Deluxe Spoon Carving Kit with Saw and Rasp


Using traditional Japanese tools, this wooden spoon carving kit will teach you how to design, carve and hollow out the bowl of the spoon. This deluxe set will let you finish your spoon faster with the shinto rasp and even cut more blanks with the mini panel z-saw. It will also come with one bass, one cherry and one walnut spoon blank.

Spoon carving is a fun project and easy for anyone to learn. All supplies, a 15 mm spoon gouge and Mikikicha carving knife, and instructions are included. This kit is ideal for adults and children under direct supervision.

Kit Includes:

+ 1 bass, 1 cherry, & 1 walnut spoon blank
+ 15 mm Japanese Spoon Gouge
+ Carving Knife
+ Shinto Rasp
+ Mini Panel Z-Saw
+ Handwritten instructions
+ Mini Wood Butter
+ Bandaid (ya know, just in case)

Melanie teaches classes too! Check out her website to find out more. Spoon Carving Workshop: